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Silver Chamois Models

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Silver Chimeras
Silver decoys, which have been one of the indispensable accessories for many years, are among the models whose use has been increasing from good to good in recent years. These models, which appeal to the tastes of all walks of life with their different designs and eye-catching elegance, are with you with the difference of Minamis Silver. With its simple designs, you can choose to make an elegant impression in daily use or you can take a step closer to unforgettable elegance on your special nights.

Şahmeran models impress women of all ages with their ability to fit every combination daily. For special invitations, şahmeran bracelet models are the first choice of every woman who wants to use a single accessory. You can raise your energy with şahmeran models decorated with colorful stones or you can crown your elegance with elegant pearl details.

Make a Mark On Your Special Days With A Special Gift
Silver şahmeran models are almost a savior for those who want to give an unforgettable gift to their loved ones. Among the silver bracelet models, the models that stand out with their different designs are one of the gift options that can be recommended for those dec are looking for a memorable and long-lasting gift on special occasions. By choosing between these options, you can decouple from the classic gift concept and pamper your loved ones by making your choice.

Minamis Silver silver şahmeran models are manufactured from 925 sterling silver. Thanks to this, it offers a long-lasting use if attention is paid to its maintenance and use. The most ideal choice for leaving a mark on your loved ones will be Minamis Silver şahmeran bracelet models.

The Elegance of Silver Şahmeran Models
Şahmer dec bracelets, which stand out among the silver women's bracelet models with their interesting designs, have become a trend again recently. Especially in the summer, you can choose models with colorful stones and fun to use daily and capture the dynamic energy of the season.

Şahmeran wristbands are one of the saving parts not only in daily use but also in special occasions. You can complete your simple evening dresses by choosing elegant şahmerans with fine details. In order to achieve minimal elegance, especially in dark evening dresses, şahmeran bracelet models will be an ideal choice.

How to Care for Silver Accessories?
Silver şahmeran model options are manufactured from 925 sterling silver with the assurance of Minamis Silver. The silver substance will also be the most correct choice for people with a predisposition to allergies due to the fact that it is anti-allergic. However, you should keep your accessories away from substances such as water, soap, salt water or deodorant in order to be able to use them for many years. Thanks to this, you can use your accessories with pleasure for many years.

The Legend of Shah -ı Meran
Silver chamois bracelets are one of the most favorite accessories especially in summer. Şahmeran, which gives its name to the silver models of Şahmeran bracelets, means "Shah of Snakes" in Persian language. The mythological figure named Şahmeran has gained quite a place especially in the cultures of Southern and Eastern Anatolia. Şahmeran is depicted in mythology as an intelligent being who is a snake from the waist down and a woman from the body and head. Mythological figures have been of great importance in jewelry designs for many years. Many designers are inspired by mythological and historical figures. Şahmeran is also one of the mythological beings that is highly accepted in our culture with its optimism and intelligence.

This mythological existence of the legend of Shah - ı Meran, that is, Shahmeran, has found a place in paintings, decoration and many other places over the centuries. Nowadays, it has become a trend again in the hands of our elegant women. Shahmeran bracelets by hand decorate the fingers with stylish details and silver chains.

It is seen that şahmeran wristbands with different models and varieties enter our lives again with a different trend every season. You can choose the bracelet that suits your taste among these wrists, which are very popular on beaches, nightlife and daily use, and you can have an accessory that you will carry dec pleasure for many years.

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